Our thoughts on post sailing recovery – the might hot tub

Spa treatments and injury avoidance

At our sailing team here at Saracen Sailing, we like to offer our readers and fellow sailers the best and most effective advise on post workout recovery techniques out there. There are many options, to name a few would be visiting a masseuse or a doctor to resolve any complaints or injures a sailer may have. If there are longer term issues, then its definitely worth seeking an appointment with a specialist.

In terms of injury prevention, we would suggest bathing in a hot tub or spa. The massaging hot water jets will soothe your aches, pains and bruises and will ensure your body stays fit, healthy and spritely for weeks to come. This essential for keeping each and every athlete in tip top shape and in fine form.

Advice to seeking treatment

For those of you who have access to quality healthcare, we would suggest visiting your doctor for the best advice. Your doctor will then point in the right direction and set you up with the ideal specialist you need. In spa treatments, you can of course get yourself a health club membership and make use of their facilities. For the who who require longer term solutions, its really useful (and quite cool) to have your own hot tub or spa to relax in. To buy a hot tub can be quite expensive, so a great alternative would be to consider hiring or renting a hot tub. In the London area, theres a great company called Hot Tub Hire London. They also have locations in Kent and Essex to. The best way to get hold of them would be via their Facebook or Twitter pages. Take a peak at their video:

Practice safe sailing

Sailing can be a dangerous sport, but when the correct precautions are taken, injures and accidents can be avoided. We advise to always the correct safety protection, this include helmet and life jacket. Theres no reason to sacrifice safety, just for fun. We hope you enjoy our sailing injury recovery tips and the best of luck with your sailing ventures!

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